Aphrodite Reinvented®. Re-Discovering The Truth Inside.

Updated: Jan 27

Dear Friends,

Following the surprising recent developments due to the pandemic that has caused a havoc in the social and economic life on our planet, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the subject so near and dear to me,

the Concept APHRODITE REINVENTED®, which I created more than a decade ago.

The creation of this concept coincided with a deep personal transformation, which followed some "eye-opening" personal experiences.

I will get immediately to the point, without referring to specific events, as the following thoughts and conclusions hold true and valid for any personal or collective crisis in life.

After suffering and blaming myself for several reasons, I started wondering if I really deserved all what I had been through. This happens to all of us when we face an unusually stressful situation- we start looking inside to find which our fault was. But there are times and situations, where things happen outside our control, like in the current crisis.

Once I had identified the wrongs and rights of my life, I started wondering WHY I let the wrongs happen and at that point the first big realization arrived: In all cases I had not followed my -forgotten- inner truth and values. In the midst of a "happy", "prosperous" and "worry-free" life my real values had "slept". They were still there though and searching deep inside I re-discovered my personal compass. So, the first step of my Concept was created:

Once we re-discover our ethical profile - our inner truth and values - we regain our personal power. Then, we must let this truth guide us:

Following our internal compass requires that we ignore outside false callings and messages. We get rid of what no longer serves our highest purpose, the big gift given to us by God..

We proceed with Bravery and Love to realize this purpose on Earth. So, we depart on a Divine journey, which will definitely land us to DESTINATION HAPPINESS:

This is the point of SELF REINVENTION and the Central Message of this Concept: Once we Reinvent our INNER TRUTH we are ready for new beginnings in life, leading us to a brighter future.

Then, we will be completing meaningful "Life Circles" driven exclusively by our own truth and values, equipped with the internal force which will allow us go forward regardless what we might face in our way.

Completing this brief analysis of the entire Concept*, we arrive in the most essential realization: The above process leads us to the Awareness of Being ALIVE!

Dear Friends,

In challenging times all we need is to work on RE-DISCOVERING OUR TRUE SELF.

The result of this rediscovery of our inner beauty and power is the force which will lead us to a happy and meaningful life and to the amazing feeling of trully BEING ALIVE!



* The extended analysis of the Concept APHRODITE REINVENTED® will be soon available through our website.

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