HEADING BRAVELY TO THE FUTURE - Celebrating a Meaningful New Decade!

Dear Friends,

In a few days we are leaving behind another calendar year and a whole decade. A decade which meant so much to us, in so many ways! A decade which "took" from us but also gave us back important Life Lessons.

And as the new decade approaches, we hear a lot about the need of CHANGE, which has become a very popular subject, especially in the fashion world, along with "Sustainability" and "Values". The Fashion world has, finally, understood that, in order to survive, has to REINVENT its value system - and quickly.

We could not agree more on that, as it is exactly what our Concept APHRODITE REINVENTED® - REINVENT YOURSELF is all about.

It holds true in the Individual and Collective levels. It holds true for fashion, for all professions, for all aspects of Life. CHANGE starts from within and cannot be achieved unless it is backed by a strong Inner Value System. A value system which is not driven or influenced by external meaningless "voices", temporary "trends"

or financial gain. It is the System which we call Internal Compass

and it is pictured in our theme "LET THE STAR GUIDE YOU". It is associated with new beginnings in Life and the REINVENTION of one's Self! It is the force by which we feel AIRBORNE thus HEADING BRAVELY TO THE FUTURE!

So, let's start the New Year 2020 and the New Decade with this important realization:

Change starts from within. It can be a painful process because It requires from us to stay true to ourselves and to our Value System. But it will be equally rewarding, since it is the only true means of beginning and completing meaningful LIFE CIRCLES and of truly feeling and being ALIVE!

Cheers to a Fabulous, Meaningful New Decade!


Christina and THE BRITELINE Team

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