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        Christina Charokopou 

    Founder & Creative Director

 Christina was born in Athens, Hellas.

  She studied Sociology and History of Art.


               She had a successful career in the Airline industry and has traveled extensively all over the world.


    Her heart set on the Arts and any form of artistic expression,

      inspired by her cultural heritage, personal experiences 

      and empathy for the various challenges women face

      in the contemporary world, she created  
    THE BRITELINE®, Meaningful Design Brand 

and the Concept of  APHRODITE REINVENTED® -

which she defines as

 "The Eternal Woman Spirit, Beauty and Power heading

Bravely to the Future ".

The Message REINVENT YOURSELF - rediscovering

our inner qualities and power -

is all about new beginnings in life, leading us to a brighter future. 

A Message dedicated to The Women of the World.

Christina is the creative force behind 

THE BRITELINE® - Art Fashion with A Message fashion brand 

and THE BRITELINE® International Organization,

a nonprofit organization created with the intention

to further communicating THE BRITELINE® Message

and through which portion of THE BRITELINE®

meaningful fashion item sales 

benefits Women's Empowerment Causes.

 An Organization also committed to promoting and supporting Culture and Education. 

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