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Reinvent Yourself - Pendant/Small

Reinvent Yourself - Pendant/Small


Pendant in Gold or Silver Plated Bronze


    Handmade Pendant in Gold or Silver Plated Bronze - on a Gold or Silver Plated Bronze Chain

    Fifure length 3.8cm - Chain length 70cm


    Made in Hellas


    You have just chosen an excellent quality pendant. Hellas is one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in the World.


    Please, note the following care instructions in order to preserve your jewelry in a perfect condition:


    Bronze gold plated jewelry should be stored in their pouch preferably in open air.

    - Please avoid contact of your jewelry with perfume, face and body cream, hair spray or any kind of chemical.

    - In order to polish your jewelry, please  use only a clean, dry and soft cloth.


     Sterling silver tends to tarnish more or less with time.

    - In case you notice any tarnish on your sterling silver pendant,  just clean it with a jewelry polishing cloth. It will come back immediately to its original shine.