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A Star for All Seasons.

Dear Friends,

A New Year has just begun, loaded with many beautiful expectations for all of us.

A New beginning that we hope will lead us to a happier future.

A brand New start for our endeavours and plans.

We all know that we need to work hard to achieve all of the above.

We also know that in order to do so, we must have a deeper motivation,

driven by our inner value system.

This is what our symbolic design concept "Let The Star Guide you" is all about.

It symbolizes our value system, our internal Compass which can lead us to our most wanted destinations - A Star for All Seasons!

Let The Star Guide you by THE BRITELINE® is a highly symbolic design theme, referring to our internal compass.
Let The Star Guide you by THE BRITELINE®

"Let The Star Guide you" by THE BRITELINE® is a part of our highly symbolic Yachting Line. We applied this meaningful design pattern on perfect Silk Twill made in Northern Greece, creating a beautiful collection of silk scarves and foulards for our Yachting Line. You can check the collection clicking on the following links:

We wish you a Very Happy and Stellar 2022!


Christina and THE BRITELINE Team.


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