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When "Brite Rays" meet with "Brite Waves". (Part 2)

Dear Friends,

Following Part 1 of our post titled "When Brite Rays meet with Brite Waves", we would like to present you with our second highly symbolic Yachting Line Pattern, which is also a variation of our RAYS & WAVES Theme. It is a fresh look on a beloved, traditional pattern - the Nautical Stripes - and we call it "Nautical Stripes Reinvented".

Nautical Stripes Reinvented by THE BRITELINE® is composed by our "Brite Rays" and "Brite Waves", which are also formed with the Line of THE BRITELINE® Logo.

It is a unique design that reinvents the Nautical Stripes in a cool, relaxed way and symbolizes the different aspects of the navigation of our Life Journey. The Sun Rays shedding their warmth and light on our life path thus making it easier and "brighter" and the Sea Waves, which could become rough at times...We have applied this new pattern on perfect Silk Organzine made in Northern Greece, creating a beautiful collection of silk shawls for our Yachting Line.

Whenever our 'Brite Rays" meet with our "Brite Waves", they will accompany your journeys with an incomparable sense of Beauty, Elegance, Joy and Optimism, just like the entire Yachting Line by THE BRITELINE® does!


"Let the Rays be Brite

and the Waves easy to Ride!"


Christina and THE BRITELINE Team


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