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The Joy of Giving

Dear friends,

When I created THE BRITELINE® I thought that this was a gift from God in order to give me the opportunity to relate positively to the world and to my fellow human beings. I saw “Aphrodite Reinvented” as the means for having a positive impact on the lives of other women by spreading a powerful, optimistic message and by supporting Women’s Empowerment Causes as much as I could.

Today I am more than sure that any creative endeavor is not “complete” unless it can be of service to our Society and The World and the result of this belief is THE BRITELINE® INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION, through which portion of the proceeds from the sales of THE BRITELINE meaningful fashion items benefits several Causes supporting Women's Empowerment and Social solidarity.

I invite you to check the page of our site and our online shop

and join us in the joyful and fulfilling process of Giving.



Photo shooting event of the " FASHION for LIFE " Collection in Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens, May 2015.