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The "Cretan Personalities' Hall" in the Cretan House of Athens - Honoring my Cretan Heritage

On June 19, 2022 we inaugurated the "Cretan Personalities' Hall" in the "Cretan House" in Athens.

The "Cretan House", located in the area of Pangrati in Athens, is a Cultural, Educational and Philanthropic Foundation, promoting the Cretan Culture, Civilization and Heritage. Furthermore, the Foundation supports the Cretan Youth studying in the Athenian Educational Institutions and Universities by providing state of the art domicile, nutrition and educational facilities in its premises.

As a major renovation of the Foyer of the Amphitheatre and the Reception Hall of the Cretan House took place starting beginning of 2022, I was exceptionally honoured by the Management to create and decorate the "Cretan Personalities' Hall", which is a tribute to the Great Cretans who remained in history through their remarkable contribution in the Arts, Civilisation, Politics and Battles for Freedom. We also decorated the Reception Area and the Entrance of the Premises. The whole process took us six months and I was truly excited and happy to cooperate with a great team of Professionals and an amazing Artist for its completion.

The whole renovated area features important elements of the Cretan History, Civilization and Tradition. Minoan Colors and the reproduction of Minoan Frescoes from the Knossos Palace, a Venetian Era touch with Venetian chandeliers and curtains as well as traditional Cretan handicrafts and furniture created the perfect background for the presentation of the great Cretan Personalities and created a warm, Cretan atmosphere welcoming every visitor.

I dedicated the Inspiration and Creation of the "Cretan Personalities' Hall" to my late father, the Cretan Hero George E. Charokopos, who honoured Crete and Greece during the course of his life on Earth with his brave actions fighting for Freedom and with his bright Spirit as an Author and Poet.



P.S Please check the following videos created before, after and during the renovation and creative process at the Cretan House of Athens.


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