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DON'T ACCEPT IT! - And Break Free!

Dear friends,

A couple of months ago, I came across a text in facebook, which took me by storm.

It was the following:

''He won't change. It doesn't matter how many times he brings you flowers, or how many times he says ''i am sorry''. And it won't be easy to ''just walk away''. You can't find the strength to do it. And all those who pity you for being such a ''victim'' have never had to walk in your shoes. And it doesn't happen overnight. It takes years. And it comes on ''sweetly''. Suddenly you 're not allowed an opinion. You won't have any kind of support. You won't be able to control your own life. You won't react. He might really believe that he loves you. But it is a destructive kind of love. He might never go all the way. He might not actually hit you. But you will always feel the verbal abuse in all its forms. You will become smaller and smaller every passing day, until you disappear even from your self. Will you accept it? Don't accept it!

It was one of the most powerful and moving texts I had ever read. It shook me and moved me and somewhere between the lines I found some big and painful truths of my own life as well as some of my friends' lives.

I believe that the majority of women would feel so, reading this text. And some men too. Because violence has many faces. And most of us have known one or more of them, even in their "mildest" form, coming from people we would never think it could come, such as spouses, family, friends. The turning point comes when we have to decide if we will accept it or not. And this is why I found this text so powerful, because It shouts loudly: DON'T ACCEPT it!

Dont_accept_it Campaign by was created because the above text had an amazing response by readers and tons of SOS messages from women victims of serious domestic abuse. We are proud to join this life changing initiative with THE BRITELINE International Organization, in raising awareness against violence and supporting victims of abuse and domestic violence.

Dont_accept_it Campaign T-Shirts are available in our e-shop and the biggest portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated by THE BRITELINE® international Organization to , an organization supporting women victims of domestic abuse and trafficking.

Say NO to psychological, physical, emotional, sexual abuse! DON'T ACCEPT IT!



Please, check the Campaign video in the following links:

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