THE BRITELINE is a multifaceted, Artistic Fashion Concept promoting a "State of Mind" rather  than a material Life Style.


Featured as a Ray of Light on the Brand Logo, THE BRITELINE symbolizes the invisible Line connecting our Spirit, Soul and Body with The World, being at the same time

a contemporary fashion design logo of an original, quality brand, originating from Greece

and aimimg at embracing the World with high quality, meaningful fashion "Made in Hellas".


THE BRITELINE initial collections are based on The Concept  APHRODITE REINVENTED.

Comprised of five themes - messages titled "Your Compass", "Airborne",
"Reinvent Yourself", "You and the Circle of Life" and "ALIVE", the collection is dedicated

to the internal beauty and power of women as the main factors leading to a happy and meaningful life. The themes "RAYS and WAVES" and "Let the Star Guide you" make up THE BRITELINE Yachting Line, which is inspired by the Beauty, Colors and Light of the Athenian Riviera.


Focusing on the eternal values of Beauty, Harmony and Balance and carrying a powerful, optimistic message for the Women of the World, THE BRITELINE and APHRODITE REINVENTED wish to bring a " new air " in the fashion world,

reinventing its existing patterns and meaning.











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